The Power of Unique

We all are unique. And brands strive to be unique as well, always looking for that one unique selling proposition that can set them apart from the rest of the pack.

But in the competitive beverage market, it is a challenge to make your product catch someone’s eye among the plethora of choices.

Enter Absolut Unique. A new brand promotion that focuses on the power of originality and uniqueness. According to, Absolut Unique is “a new line of paint-splattered bottles—a staggering 4 million of them—the design of each one a little different from all the rest.”

See the company’s promotional video below:

Even though I wonder about the cost/benefit of this promotion, I see great potential for it to be successful for the company. Brand enthusiasts will want to find the bottle they feel is most expressive, and those who are be deciding between two brands, a more thoughtful and authentic bottle could push them over the edge to Absolut.

What do you think? Does it make you want to get one of the limited edition bottles?

See the full article here:



3 thoughts on “The Power of Unique

  1. Although I’m not a drinker, yes, I’d like these bottles. I think it’s funny that whenever soda companies change their cans to promote movies, I gravitate towards those cans. Doesn’t matter if I’m only mildly interested in the movie…that’s what I end up purchasing.

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  3. I think most of us are suckers for good design and Absolute has been using artistic represenations of their bottles for years. I think this is a nice extension of their older image campaign. It also has tremendous stick-around value – meaning the bottles will stick around long after the liquor has been consumed thus acting as an ad in people’s home’s and bars which extends the life of the brand message

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